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Health Care Links

The below are links that may be helpful for patients, regarding a variety of topics and you may be directed to them when in the office. The links are created by other sources and we are not responsible for their content. Links Active As of Feb 16, 2023

Epipen Action Plan - Anaphylaxis Canada

Child Health

ADHD and Parenting

Autism and behaviours - Autism Speaks

Autism Service directory- Autism Junction

Caring for Kids- Canadian Pedicatric Society Parent Information

Concussion -

Cyberbullying Resources - Public Safety Canada

Breast Feeding- Caring for Kids

Ear Infections- Caring for Kids

Fever and Kids - Canadian Family Physicians

Healthy Eating- Caring for Kids

Parenting- Free Yale Parenting Centre course

Sore Throat - Caring for Kids

Vaccination Information - Government of Canada

Elderly Health and Aging

Advanced Care Planning - Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association

Dementia- The Alzheimer's Society of Canada

Parkinson's Disease - Parkinson's Society

Healthy Living

Canadian Food Guide

DASH Diet to lower Blood pressure

Unlock Food- Dietician's of Ontario

Health Checkups- Choosing Wisely Canada

Mediterranean Diet video

Mediterranean Diet Dos and Donts

Self Management for pain and chronic conditions 

Sleep CBT resource

Sleep Diary- National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Hygiene - University of Washington

Sleep Restriction 

Tests and Do I Really Need Them - Choosing Wisely Canada

Travel Advice- Health Canada

Muscles and Joints
Skin Health

Back Injury Exercises and Advice 

Back Pain- Patient information for acute and chronic back pain (scroll down to link)

Exercise Prescription - Exercise Is Medicine

Leg Cramps: Information and exercises - Cleveland Clinic

Meniscal Tears and Physiotherapy - Health Link BC

Plantar Fasciitis - Health Link BC

General Exercise guides for injuries- American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Women's Health

Birth Control and Sexual Health - Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Canada

Infertility - Information from Health Canada

Menopause and You- Society of obstetricians and gynecologists of Canada

Pelvic Floor Exercises /Kegels Instructions

Timed Voiding for Urge Incontinence

Men's Health

Infertility - Information from Health Canada

Prostate Cancer- Do we Need to Screen? Harms and Benefits


Brain Health

Concussion Symptoms and Treatment 

Concussion Return to Sport Information

Headache- Patient Information at bottom of page

Vertigo and Epley Maneuver instruction - Mt Sinai

Video of Epley Maneuver/Repositioning 

What is BPPV/vertigo - Balance and dizziness Canda

Other Exercises for Vertigo 


Diabetes Overview - Canadian Diabetes Associaton

Pre-diabetes - Canadian Diabetes Association

Resources- How to start Insulin, blood glucose monitoring and everything else you could think of- Canadian Diabetes Association

Heart and Vascular Issues

Blood Pressure and you -  Hypertension Canada

Blood Pressure: How to treat it! - Hypertension Canada

Cholesterol, Overview - Heart and Stroke Canada

Cholesterol Lowering Diets - Heart and Stroke Canada

Peripheral Artery Disease- Canadian society for vascular surgery 

Lung Health

Asthma Action Plan - Asthma Society

COPD Action Plan- Canadian Thoracics Society

COPD Overview

Qutting Smoking - Province of Ontario

Quitting Smoking- Canadian Cancer Society

I Can Quit App-  Download from your App Store




Prenatal Classes online- Kawartha Pine District Health Unit

Pregnancy Info - Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guide to Pregnancy

New Dad Manual-"24 hour cribside assistance"- Guidance for new fathers

Sexual Health

LGBTQ Health- Rainbow Health Ontario

Sexually Trasmitted Infections- Health Canada

Skin Health

Acne Management

Stomach/Gastro-intestinal Health

Constipation and Kids-

Gluten Free diet and Celiac Disease Information - Canadian Celiac Association

Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

Pruritis Ani (Itchy Bum)

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