Drive Through Flu Shot Clinic

Date: Oct 24 2020

Location: Parking lot at 99 Toronto Road

Book appointment by phone at 905-800-0429

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment by with easy to remove clothing so that we can access your upper arm

Enter the Parking Lot as usual, drive to the back parking lot and check in with our staff at our check-in tent. They will direct you to park (Park Forward) in the middle lane in the first row.


Drs Everdell or Cameron will come to your window to provide the vaccination. They will direct you to pull forward into the second row. In that spot you will wait 15 minutes. When that time is over, you will pull out of your spot and can leave the lot.

If there are any concerns from the vaccine, patients will be directed to honk their horn and one of the doctors will assess you.

If the first date fills up, we will look to schedule a second date in November and will book further based on demand.