During covid-19, we are using alternative visits, including phone and virtual online visits. Visit How to do a virtual visit for more information.

Make an Appointment 

By Phone- Phones are answered between 9-1230 and 130-5 Monday to Thursday and 9-3 pm on Fridays. 

Online Appointment Booking is normally available, clicking the link at the top of the page. Occasionally this service can be unavailable, please let us know if the serviceis not working. 

After Hours Services - Still running by phone, call 905 800 0218 for details on which number to call each night


The after hours clinic runs 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Monday to Friday. Dr. Cameron's days are also posted on his schedule page. On Weekends, Effective the week of October 1st, a clinic will run for 3 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. Please call 905 800 0218 for the number to call


Click on the link above, or visit https://portail.cmq.io/#600.

The system is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. 

News and Updates

COVID Vaccine: All people 12 years and over are eligible at www.ontario.ca/bookvaccine or by calling 1888 999 6488. 


Recent guidelines are also encouraging pregnant women to be vaccinated, specifically the Society of obstetricians and gynecologists of Canada

Trustworthy Vaccine information is available Here. Dr. Cameron supports vaccination strongly and has had the first dose. Being vaccinated for this illness is crucial for our community returning to normal. I recommend all patients 12 and above (including breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women) to be vaccinated. There are a few rare circumstances to hold off vaccination, please contact our office if you believe you cannot be vaccinated. The vaccines are at this stage not given to those under 12 years old.  A helpful page is present on my colleague Dr. Everdell's site here


Given the recent changes in all of our lives, many of us are in need of help more than ever before, especially from a mental health perspective. If you need help, please reach out. Information and supportive resources are posted here

During covid 19- we are encouraging any visit that can be conducted by phone or virtually to be done that way. If you have a need that needs to be seen in person,we are able to see patients in half hour intervals to minimize waiting and exposure to others. In office, please wear a mask (if above the age of 2 years). 

If you have infectious symptoms, please consider covid testing and visiting our local covid resources:

For Dr. Cameron's after hours days click HERE